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2018 Membership/Coaches Application


2018 Coach/Membership Application $20 add $15.00 for background check.

**Background check required every two years

Please come to the clubhouse to have a picture taken for the ID card

Step 2: go to and click on "Start Your Background Screening Now" on the bottom left side of the webpage.
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Complete three easy steps:
Step 1: Enter Self Registration Number: 11869169
Step 2: Enter Your Information as Requested
Step 3: Provide Legal Authorization and Certification


Registration Details

Your Information

Volunteer Personal Information

Volunteer Occupation


Background Check Authorization

I hereby give my full consent and permission to MGYAF in order to obtain information relating to my criminal history and any other applicable records through National Center for Safety Initiatives LLC and their agents. The records as received by the reporting agencies may include but are not limited to criminal records, motor vehicle records, social security verification, consumer reporting agency records, education records, as well as plea bargains, deferred adjudications, and delinquent conduct committed as a juvenile. I understand that this information will be used in part to determine my eligibility as a coach, volunteer or staff/board or other employment position within this organization. I also understand that as long as I remain in such capacity here, the above mentioned record checks may be repeated at any time. I understand that I will have an opportunity to review the records as received by MGYAF and a procedure is available for clarification if I dispute the records that have been received. I also understand that the records received could contained information presumed expunged. I do for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby remise, release, and forever discharge and agree to indemnify NCSI and MGYFA, each of their officers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents and hold them harmless from and against any and all causes and actions, including but not limited to: suits, liabilities, costs, debts, and sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever and any and all related attorney’s fees, court costs, and other expenses resulting from the investigation of my background in connection with my application to serve. Please go to for terms and privacy policies and FCRA rights. I understand that said background investigation is being conducted solely for the purpose of protecting the children of MGYAF and that all information will remain confidential in accordance with the law. If I am accepted, I agree to abide by the philosophies of MGYAF and associated leagues. I may be dismissed at any time during the season for failure to comply with any part of this agreement. I also understand that there is a $20.00 annual membership fee (yearly), in addition to a $15 background check fee (every two years) for which I am responsible for paying.

Your Authorization to Conduct a Background Check

Criminal History Information

Please answer all of the following questions regarding your criminal history. Note: An answer of yes to any of the following questions will require details concerning where and when the incident occurred and may result in your disqualification.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Have you ever been convicted of any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a person?
Have you ever been convicted of a lesser crime in which sexual Relations is an element?
Have you ever been convicted of a lesser crime involving controlled Substances (not paraphernalia or alcohol)?
Have you ever been convicted of a lesser crime involving Cruelty to animals?

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