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2018 Fall Softball Registration


2018 Fall Softball Registration

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PARENT AND/OR LEGAL GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITIES I hereby acknowledge that my child’s participation in Myrtle Grove Youth Association Foundation, Inc. (hereinafter “MGYAF”) obligates me to the rules and responsibilities listed below and that these rules are not all inclusive. I also understand and acknowledge that this registration is not valid unless there is a completed MGYAF 2018 MEDICAL TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION form attached.

If your team does not raise the required amount of sponsorships and program advertisements, the parents and legal guardians of the team players will be responsible for paying the unpaid balance. I further agree to participate in all MGYAF and team fundraisers. I understand that this participation is mandatory and there are no exceptions to this requirement. I also agree to participate in all park workdays as scheduled by MGYAF or my child’s team.
I acknowledge I am responsible for all MGYAF equipment issued to my child and the replacement cost of all equipment issued to my child that is damaged due to negligence, is lost or is stolen or is not turned in by the advertised return deadline after the season. I understand I am responsible for the equipment until it is officially received by MGYAF and this responsibility is non-transferrable
I am responsible for all children (minors) under my care at all times when on MGYAF property. I understand that any damage that any children (minors) under my care do to the park will be considered vandalism and treated according to the laws of the State of Florida and the ordinances of Escambia County.
There will be NO COOLERS, FAST FOODS or OTHER SUCH FOODS allowed in or on MGYAF property one (1) hour before and during scheduled game times. I understand that if I bring such items in or on to MGYAF property I will be asked to leave. I understand that MGYAF concession sales are a major source of funding for the parks and without them the park would not be able to operate.
I understand and agree that failure to abide by the above rules and responsibilities and any unlisted MGYAF rules will be according to MGYAF by-laws. I understand that I can request a copy of all MGYAF rules and by-laws by contacting the MGYAF Board. I understand the MGYAF Board contact informationislistedonwwwmyrtlegrovesportscom

Medical Treatment Authorization

I do hereby give permission to obtain medical treatment should he/she suffer an injury while under the supervision of a Myrtle Grove Youth Association Manager and/or Coach or while he/she is at the MGYAF Ball Park

State of Florida, County of Escambia Acknowledgement there is no provided Medical Insurance or Accident Insurance by MGYAF I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed and fully understand that Myrtle Grove Youth Association Foundation, Inc. (MGYAF) does not provide or make available medical insurance for my children who are participating in sports activities at MGYAF facilities. The MGYAF is covered by a liability policy for the MGYAF premises only. I understand that MGYAF will not be responsible for medical coverage for injuries due to a sports activity or any other injury on MGYAF property.

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