Parent Responsibilities

The Myrtle Grove Youth Association Foundation is a volunteer organization and strong support from all of our parents is critical to the success of our program. Parent’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Payment of their child’s registration fees.
  2. Getting their child to the designated league tryout on the scheduled date prior to the league drafts.
  3. Transportation of their child to and from all practices and ball games.
  4. Purchasing their child’s uniform. Purchasing their child’s playing equipment (gloves, bats, etc.)
  5. Participation in their child’s team project. Each team is required to raise $950.00 to help cover the cost of equipment, lights, umpires, etc.
  6. Each team needs a team parent to assist the manager and coaches in off field activities and requirements.
  7. Each parent may be responsible for working 1 or 2 scheduled shifts in the concession stand during the course of the season.
  8. Maintaining park cleanliness at each game. We have the best facility in Northwest Florida and we need to keep it that way.
  9. The home team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper at each game. Scorekeeper training will be provided, if necessary.

Good conduct is expected from everyone while involved with activities of the ballpark. The use of profanity, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or any acts of violence will not be tolerated. We all need to set good examples for our children.

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