“When will I hear from someone after I register?”

You will receive a call from your coach. If you have not received one by February 17th, please give us a call at 456-0588.

“What are the registration fees?”

The registration fee is $90.00. There is a discount for multiple entries from the same family – beginning with the fourth child.

“Can girls play baseball?”


“How are players placed on teams?”

All players must register before February 17, 2012. Tryouts for each designated league will take place Saturday February 17, 2012 beginning at 10:00 am. After tryouts, each child will be placed into a draft and selected by team managers. After February 18th, children will be assigned to a team by the league commissioner.

Players desiring to play in a MGYAF sport will be placed on their previously assigned team. New players will be selected through a draft system following tryouts by team managers.

“Can my son/daughter play up or down from his/her age group?”

A child may “play up” one age group provided he/she possess the skills required of that age group.

Those children with special needs may continue to play in a lower age group for safety reasons provided they submit a request to the league commissioner.

Players can play up or down one division through a written request, which must be approved by the league commissioner or a designated representative.

Players playing down a division are not permitted to participate in tournament play to include Allstars.

Note: The cut off dates for determining a players age is July 31st, for Tee-Ball and Baseball and December 31st , for Softball.

“How long is the season and what days are games and practices?”

The regular game season runs from March 17th through the end of June. Teams entering the season ending tournament would be finished no later than the end of July. Practice days and locations are at the discretion of your coach. We do not keep practice schedules at our offices. Games are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Make-up games will be held on Saturdays.

“What are the age groups?”

Age determination is based on age as of July 31st.

Wee Ball and T-Ball

(Boys & Girls) 3 – 6 year olds

Age determination is based on age as of December 31st.


Coach Pitch 8 year olds & under
Fast Pitch 10 year olds & under
Fast Pitch 12 year olds & under
Fast Pitch 16 year olds & under


Coach Pitch 8 year olds & under
Minor League 10 year olds & under
Major League 12 year olds & under
Pony League 13, 14 & 15 year olds

What is your refund policy?”

After tryouts, draft and team assignment, there are no refunds.

“Do you need coaches?”

Yes. In a program of this magnitude, there is always a need for volunteers. If you desire to coach, please e-mail the commissioner of the league you are interested in. Make sure you include your mailing address so that a registration can be mailed to you.

There is a nominal cost. In order to coach a team, you must be a member of the MGYAF. The annual fee is $20.00 which allows you full voting rights at all general meetings. You also have to pay for a background check that is good for two years. The cost for that is $15.00.

“What form of payment is accepted?”

Cash, checks, or money orders are accepted. We also accept VISA, MasterCard and debit cards.

If you have additional questions, please submit them to officers@myrtlegrovesports.com .


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