Myrtle Grove Youth Association


Dear Coaches and Parents,

I am happy to announce we have a tentative schedule for the 2014 football season. As we all know it is just around the corner. We will play a lot of new teams this year and the competition level will be incredible. It has the appearance of being a stellar year.

I am super excited about our future at Myrtle Grove Football and honored to serve as commissioner of football and welcome questions and concerns from all.

We will be hosting the Jamboree again this year on August 24. This is a good opportunity to raise funds for our park.  There will not be an entry fee to the park on this day, we want it to be fun and free to all.

The first official game will be August 30, 2014. The full schedule is listed below this letter. In addition there will be games scheduled with Gulf Breeze, Navarre and Bellview however those dates are still yet to be determined. We will announce those dates as they become available. Staff from the Andrews Institute will be present at all games.

We will issue pads the first week of August; however your child’s registration must be paid in full before any equipment will be issued.  There will not be any gear issued without payment.

Conditioning has begun, if your child shows up on Monday at 6:00 you will have the opportunity to meet some of our coaches and find out the days your age group is practicing, etc.

I look forward to meeting all the new parents and players, as well as returning parents and players.

Let’s all work together and have a safe and fun year and remember it is about the kids.

Go Eagles,

Coach Joe Mahuron

Football Commissioner

  2014 Football Schedule 1 2014 Football Schedule 2